Why I created a news platform to give voice to the youth | The Youth Ki Awaaz story

Anshul Tewari

Before the era of social media took charge, Anshul Tewari was already thinking ahead of his times. As a young person, he saw that all media came ‘top down’, and citizens like him had no voice. To address this problem, he envisioned Youth Ki Awaaz. Remarkably, even as times have changed, his platform continues to stay relevant and resonate with young people in India. youthkiawaaz.com

  • Here is a copy of the letter Pranay wrote on YKA.
  • Since Anshul envisioned YKA, there has been a complete paradigm shift in the digital environment. Today, everyone seems to have a voice on social media. While this is an empowering development, it has also spawned a massive engine of fake news. This is likely to remain the talking point of 2017.
  • Talking of news ground up, there are secret bloggers risking their lives as they report from regions controlled by militant groups. Mosul Eye is one of the best known blogs of this kind. This blogger was trapped in Mosul, Iraq, as ISIL captured and ravaged the city. He survived, as Mosul was ultimately freed earlier this year.

Anshul Tewari

Founder - Youth Ki Awaaz

Anshul Tewari is the founder of Youth Ki Awaaz, a citizen journalism platform that crowdsources stories from young people.

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