The story of the first woman amputee to ascend Everest

Arunima Sinha

Had Arunima Sinha not lost a leg in a gruesome train accident, she might never have climbed Everest. That she did, and went on even while running dangerously low on oxygen in the ‘death zone’ is testament to her depth of resolve. She tells the riveting story of her battle against the mountain.

  • The dead bodies lying strewn on the upper reaches of Everest is one of the dark realities of mountaineering. There is no way to bring these bodies down. Even moving them out of sight to preserve the dignity of those people is a Herculean task. BBC examines.
  • Here are images from Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay’s 1953 expedition – the first conquest of Mt Everest.
  • There continue to be a number of tragic deaths on the Everest. This disturbing photograph of a human traffic jam captures the main reason.

Arunima Sinha

One of India’s best known mountaineers, Arunima Sinha has already scaled 5 out of the famous 7 summits (highest peak in each continent).

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