A Para-Athlete’s Journey to Olympic Gold

Devendra Jhajharia

Imagine the terror of an 8-year old who wakes up on a hospital bed and finds out that he has lost an arm. That was where Devendra Jhajharia began. 15 years after that accident, at the Athens Paralympics in 2004, he soared above the tragedy and flung his javelin a world record distance. Today, at the age of 35, people doubted his ability to recreate the magic. His answer was a new world record at Rio 2016, bagging another Olympic gold. Deservedly, he has become the face of India’s para-athlete movement. Arguably, he is also the first differently-abled athlete to gather the spotlight of Indian sport. Here’s the story…

  • 4 Indian para-athletes won medals at Rio, and without any doubt, all 19 who represented the country are real heroes for defying all odds and stepping into the world’s most competitive arena. Here is a quick glance at the 19 champions
  • Without this one coach, toiling alone and unaided in a little town in Rajasthan, the Indian Paralympic team would not have had 4 medals and a contingent of 19 athletes.
  • Here’s an insight into the life of Devendra Jhajharia, with a fascinating account of how he prepared his arm for a world record javelin throw at the Rio Olympics.

Devendra Jhajharia

Devendra Jhajharia is the Rio Paralympics gold medalist and world record holder in the Javelin Throw.

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